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Gallery of Photos
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Click here to see pictures from Lunahsea's Last Open Mic on November 9, 2007


Me and Pete Collin.  Two gigantic men with guitars!


Dueling Harps with Tim Brinduse
Photo by Jill Alcorn.....a pox on me for
not giving her credit earlier.


Deborah Herbert and me.   Deb is an amazing singer, and an even better person.


Glenn Heller, Deborah Herbert, and Me.   One day when Glenn and Deb are household names, I'll be able to say I played with them way back when.

Laurie Leenhouts, Me, and Robbie Rohan at Daily Perks

Christian Swanson and Me at Kelly's Saloon

With Allan Howe at the Canaseraga Hardware & Coffee Company

Another great photo by Jill Alcorn