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Booking Information

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Booking for Performances

I perform in a variety of incarnations:


Solo:  My solo material is predominantly blues based,  with a healthy dose of pop standards and old favorites that I've given my own special spin.   As a solo performer,  I have played a number of venues where a lighter touch is desired so people can enjoy dinner and conversation while I play.    I can also easily handle venues where I am in the spotlight all eyes are on me for the evening's entertainment.

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The Tabletop Three

Tabletop Three is bigger than the sum of it's parts.   I'm joined by bassist Ross Bracco and harmonica wizard "Sweet" Curtis Brown,   Tabletop Three plays acoustic blues, jazz, soul, and more.   Tabletop Three has won praise for our tight three part harmonies,  and our unique arrangements of songs you know,  along with songs you'll be humming all the way home.   For more information about booking the Tabletop Three,  email me,  or visit

For Booking Information,  email  me at: