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Steve West

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More Songs Will Be Coming Soon.

This is from a demo cd I recorded a couple of years ago. 

That's Not Love

On March 16, 2005  I went to The Wave Station Recording Studio in Geneseo, NY.   The owner,  George Hochbreuckner and I were just hanging out trying some new ideas while the tape was rolling.  (In truth,  it's a digital studio,  so there is no tape,  but I don't know how to otherwise say it)   below are a couple of snipets of what what was about an hours worth of recording anything and everything that went on in the studio.    There's not much in the way of vocals, and decorum required me to edit out the farts and swearing!  I had my Dean Acoustic, and George grabbed his new Fender Bullet.  There are plenty of mistakes to be sure,  but it was all totally spontaneous.  
By the way,  visit Georges website at    His studio is really cool.